OK, maybe your page doesn't look like a big steaming pile of you know what – or maybe it really does, I don't yet know – but it probably doesn't quite look the way you first envisioned your web page loveliness.

You need a critweet to set your site straight. In a mere 140 characters, I'll get right to the heart of the matter and call out your page's most glaring deficiencies, and post it for all of twitterdom to see.

Hey, in art school we tear each other's work apart all the time: it's called the critique. Sure, there are rules to keep people from crying, such as couch every criticism in the form of a question. As in, “Billy, have you ever considered maybe creating something that, you know, doesn't suck?”

But this is just 140 characters. There's no room for such niceties in a critweet, just honest, brutal truth. That, and the fact that we all need someone to point out the simple things we over looked…

Can you? Fill out the form below. I'll be your second pair of eyes and help you turn your web page s#@t into shinola.